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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Caliph Erdogan's Delusions Of Grandeur

Turkey's Failed Grand Design for the Middle East 


crisis between Qatar and Gulf last nail in coffin of Turkey's "grand design." 
Turkey trapped by ideological shallowness into betting on a losing horse.

Turks saw Arab Spring as opportunity to realize neo-Ottoman ambitions
Tunisia : Islamist brothers in arms Ennahdha Party come to power 
Rachid Ghannouchi admiration for Erdoğan's "stealth" Islamization

Erdoğan failed to predict turn of political events in Egypt
investing all his political resources in Muslim Brotherhood
In Iraq he calculated could end Shiite rule 
In Gaza, Hamas is Erdoğan's ideological next of kin.
Qatar is Erdoğan's main ideological partner in region.

Bashar al-Assad Erdoğan's worst regional nemesis
Erdoğan expected pro-Sunni belt totally subservient to caliph Erdoğan

Erdoğan's grand design 
Qatar main ideological partner
  • story not progressing according to script
  • Hezbollah decided Erdoğan simply "too Sunni" for their tastes
  • Tunisia's Ennahdha signed compromise with secular bloc 
  • Brotherhood in Egypt lost power, legitimacy 
  • Baghdad still Shiite and controlled by Tehran
  • In Syria, Assad remains in power, backed by Iran and Russia
  • emerging Kurdish belt in northern Syria a Turkish nightmare
  • Hamas getting squeezed day by day
  • Qatar in trouble, along with Erdoğan himself.
Gulf and Muslim world now strangling Qatar 
Trump declared Qatar "high-level sponsor of terrorism"

Erdoğan signed two treaties with Qatar 
to send troops to joint Turkish-Qatari military base in Qatar
Turkey to send food stocks to Qatar 
Erdoğan's Turkey stands on the wrong corner at the wrong moment. 
Turkey may be next in line for international sanctions 
he believes West too weak to sanction Turkey

wrong on both counts
less Turkey-friendly Qatar may emerge. 
two staunch allies, Brotherhood and Hamas pruned by Arab world

My comments :  Muslims being not relevant again, even to their own fellow Muslims. To all my Muslim readers, remember this. You may think that you are "going to heaven". Well I am sorry to burst your fat egos.  I am not apologising. I just feel sorry.

I wish I can share the simple truth with you. You see I have some inside information  (because I try to read and understand a small guidebook called the Quran). But the simple truth is not so easily accepted.

In the 21st century, just like in the 20th century, 19th century, 15th century, 11th century etc, we see Muslim societies  (their leaders, sultans, kings, presidents, caliphs, government, military, religious leaders, their parents, mothers, fathers, children, son, daughters etc) exhorting each other to hate and destroy other Muslims and other human beings - all based on their religion.  They do not realise that they are under the influence of the satan. These were or  are satanic societies. 

Hence they have become not relevant even to themselves. Today even the underwear they wear is made for them by the non Muslims. They cannot provide each other basic amenities.

And the Muslims have certainly become not relevant to the rest of the world. 

The oil in the ground was not manufactured by the Arabs. 
It was there already. And they need the non Muslims to dig the oil out.
More importantly they need the non Muslims to find some use for the oil. 
The Arabs are not relevant at all in this equation.

So all these Sunni-axis, Shiah axis or whatever are just delusional nonsense by a nonsensical community. 

Can you imagine a whole community whose only sense of any achievement is "I am going to heaven" ! !  Who told you so ? 

Delusional ramblings.  

                                                   Correction : Aakhiru shaytan 'ala wajhil ardhi !!

Low Income Nation : 500 Clinics Tutup Kedai

Here is some news from The Star :

500 clinics run by (GPs) closed between 2014 and 2016 due to poor business

Medical Association (MMA) worried situation worsen

1,800 GPs widespread concern over financial sustainability

expenses for GP services increased due to changes in po­­licies 
and involvement of  unregulated third party administrators (TPAs)

70% of clinics saw < 30 patients a day
operating cost of clinic from RM50k to RM60k a month

drop in patients and increasing cost
natural death of GP practice

TPAs to blame as they removed patients from GPs
TPAs take away patients and pass them to other cli­nics
TPAs place restrictions on consultation fees, types of medication 
charge GPs a fee for every patient they see

overproduction of doctors and contract system in public service

Govt only take 50% of doctors after 4-year contract
rest likely to become GPs saturating sector even further

solution is cut down medical students 
5,000 medical students each year

other alternative is build more hospitals 
medical colleges should have own hospitals

clinics seeing below 30 patients a day unsustainable

A clinic needs at least 30 patients 
operating costs skyrocketed 
various licences needed for practice
medicine costs in­­crease every six months
GST  and rise in wages for nurses and assistants

poor economy for­cing public to visit govt clinics
Many doctors join emergency rooms, locum or join pharmaceutical companies


My comments :  

Abolish the GST ! 
I have been saying this for THREE years now. 
The domestic economy is grinding to a halt. 

500 private clinics have shut down. At least 500 doctors are out of work as doctors. Maybe some are Uber drivers as well. At least 1000 other clinic assistants must be out of work too. These would be Malaysians since Banglas and Indons do not work in clinics - yet.

The ketuanan folks do not understand economics, business or finance. 

It is the Malays who are suffering the most. BR1M is not enough to make the Malays and bumiputras a high income community.

People who live off BR1M are poor people.   

Now the 1000 or more clinic assistants will also join the BR1M. 


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Mess Doraemon Left Behind

Someone sent me this (tq). This is taken from here.

Author: Kamaruddin Baktiar

Everyone knows about the Sturgeon Case in FELDA. How Lembaga Felda lost RM 47.6 Million in a company called FELDACaviartive Sdn Bhd, purportedly to farm Sturgeon in our local rivers and how 5 senior officers were nabbed who were responsible for the losses.

This happened during Isa Samad’s tenure as Chairman of FELDA.

(My comments : The feedback I get is that the crook who actually sapu the money in this sturgeon project is now suffering from failure of both his kidneys and has to go for dialysis to stay alive.) 

But how about the rest of the mess he left behind….?

Lets start with FWC – Felda Wellness Corp Sdn Bhd, a loss-making bio pharmaceuticals company wholly owned by the statutory body, had been wound up last year.

In less than three years of operation, Felda Wellness has accumulated losses of RM154.76 million, and current liabilities of RM154.03 million as at end FY15. The company’s total assets amounted to RM4.34 million.

(My comments : Hutang RM154 million tetapi aset hanya RM4 million. Bagi kaum DNA bahalol yang tak reti kira, tak faham bisness dan tak tahu menahu apa pun, ini saya bagi contoh yang simple. Ayah bagi ibu RM154 untuk ke supermarket. Bila ibu balik, barang yang dibeli hanya RM4 sahaja (empat ringgit sahaja). Habis baki RM150 pi mana? Ibu sudah belanja joli - makeup, facial, asah kuku, bagi kilat b_ntot dsbnya.)

The company was eventually wound up by Australia-based Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd for debts owed to it by Felda Wellness amounting to RM2.1 million.

Then how about  Global Settlers Sdn Bhd (GSSB), which opened a chain of 5 restaurants and incurred losses of more than RM 8.4 Million, then closed down after 3 years of operations. That’s not all, it paid RM 2.29 million to Pastry Project called Schneeballen without having any supporting documents. In October 2015 that Pastry project was terminated after having spent another RM 6.39  million for equipment.

(My comments : I met some of the dunggus running this project. There was an ex army general and a dumb ass general manager or something.)

But that’s small change compared to the 65 contracts signed for the procurement of LiDAR services worth RM148.41 million by the Director of Land Management of FELDA, Shahrizal Mohd Salleh. Who happens to be related to Isa Samad’s wife’s relative.

The AG report stated that the full payment of RM40.57 million for 53 out of 64 contracts with Bumitouch Sdn Bhd were made, although the deliverables of LiDAR were not fully received.

Sadly according to the report, the use of LiDAR technology for the purpose of replanting could not commence, as the deliverables for the period October 2013 to May 2015 for the related areas, was not fully received. Poor Peneroka, short changed again.

Sources familiar to the industry of LiDAR technology know that such projects to map FELDA’s land bank would only cost RM20 million. Why did we over pay?

Shall we move on to the Hotels? I lost count how many useless hotels Felda bought. But one comes to mind. The Hotel in Port Dickson.

The former CEO of Felda Investment Corp was questioned and detained by Macc for several days regarding it.

The two men, aged 44, were detained to assist in investigations as they were suspected of having misappropriated the Felda subsidiary’s funds concerning the purchase of a hotel in Port Dickson valued at about RM40 million.

Then there was the hotels in London… and although they found nothing, Isa Samad’s son was implicated…

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has found no wrongdoing in the Federal Land Development Authority’s (Felda) purchase of a luxury hotel in London. Datuk Paul Low, the minister in charge of transparency and integrity, in a written reply to Anthony Loke (DAP-Seremban) said initial investigations did not find any element of wrongdoing in the deal by Felda subsidiary, Felda Investment Corp (FIC).

This came after a news report in March mentioned that Felda group chairman Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad’s son, who is said to be a senior officer of FIC, was questioned by the MACC over the purchase.

In December last year, FIC announced that it had acquired the Grand Plaza Kensington Hotel in London to “diversify its investment assets”. The acquisition made it the first London property for FIC and the second for Felda.

Clearly Isa Samad’s cronies have benefited in all this…His son, with the hotel deals…. Who else…

Namely, Isa Samad’s good friend Dato Rais Zainuddin… who was awarded a Project for the Housing of the Second Generation Felda Setters. Why was he awarded? Who knows… but what has happened to the contract since then.

“RM1.4 bilion untuk bina rumah generasi kedua Felda, tapi rumah yang dibangunkan beberapa unit saja dan duit itu sudahhabis,” katanya.

Menurutnya, SPRM perlu menyiasat perkara itu bagi mengenalpasti ke mana duit itu hilang.

My sources now tell me that he was the key promoter in getting FGV to invest more than RM 110 million into a failed project in UK. Which the management of FGV has decided to dispose off.

Lembaga Felda invested in three public companies, paying a hefty premium which they will never realize in this lifetime.

Felda owns 72.7% of Encorp, purchased some time in 2014, How will they ever get their capital back I wonder, see the graph below. Assuming they bought it for 1.30 a share, Felda would have spent RM260 million back then. Now its only worth Rm 162 million.

Barakah Petroleum

This is the same story.

“Of these transactions, 73.5 million shares or a 9.73% block was bought by Felda Investment Corp Sdn Bhd (FIC). According to a Nov 24 filing, the same number of shares changed hands at RM99.96 million or RM1.36 apiece. The filing confirms The Edge Financial Daily’s report that FIC bought a near 10% stake in Barakah to gain exposure to the oil and gas industry.”

Today its at RM 0.60 per share. Paid RM 100 million, now worth RM 48 million.

My comments : MO1 said he wanted the village boys to go "GLOKAL" - a combination of global and local. 

This is like the other vague slogan, 'creating a Malaysian society in our own mould' - 'membentuk sesuatu masyarakat Malaysia mengikut acuan kita sendiri'.

Until today no one knows what is that 'acuan kita sendiri'.  And neither does anyone know what is the meaning of "glokal".

The net result is that all the village boys "got the hint" that they should become global players. They had to invest overseas. This also meant looking for halal restaurants in London within panting distance of places where Ukrainian girls could be found. It was a very complicated situation.

To make a long story short - it has all gone bust.   They should have just stayed in the plantation. That is where the real money is. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hiroshima & Nagasaki vs Mati Keluar Air Mani By Dean Kadeer

Another posting by Dean Kadeer

Bom atom yg pertama(di gelar Little Boy) di jatuhkan ke atas bandar Hiroshima,Jepun pada pukul 8.15am 6 Ogos 1945 ,menyebabkan kematian penduduknya yg dianggarkan seramai 140,000 orang.

Bom kedua(digelar Fat Man)pula dijatuhkan pada 9 Ogos 1945 ke atas bandar Nagasaki dan menyebabkan kematian penduduknya yg dianggarkan seramai 80,000 orang.Kedua-dua bandar tersebut menjadi padang jarak padang tekukur.Jepun menyerah diri kpd tentera bersekutu yg diketuai oleh Amerika dan Great Britain dan akhirnya peristiwa ini telah menamatkan perang dunia ke dua.

Apakah sikap masyarakat Jepun selepas perang?

Adakah masyarakat Jepun dan tentera Jepun yg terkenal dengan "kamikaze"(suicide attack) nya menyimpan dendam kpd rakyat Amerika dan Eropah dan berazam utk membunuh mereka dgn meletupkan diri ditengah-tengah kumpulan orang awam di New York atau London?

Jika dilihat dari senario jumlah manusia yg terkorban dari dua pengeboman tersebut,sudah pasti agamawan Jepun akan berkobar-kobar melaungkan slogan jihad dan "perang salib" kpd dua syaitan besar iaitu Amerika dan Great Britain yg telah menghancurkan negara mereka.Sudah pasti Jepun(yg sudah pun maju dan mempunyai armada tentera yg maju dan hebat pada waktu itu) akan mencipta senjata baru utk dililitkan kpd badan warganegara mereka untuk diletupkan di bumi Amerika dan United Kingdom sebagai tindakan balas dendam.

Kesatuan orang-orang Jepun dan moral bangsa mereka sangat tinggi.Mereka sanggup membunuh diri sebagai simbol pertanggungjawaban(Harakiri/Seppuku).Aksi sebegini biasa kita lihat dan dengar dlm banyak filem-filem Jepun atau kisah Samurai.

Untuk membunuh diri(kamikaze) sebagai tindakan balas dendam kepada manusia yg mengebom ratusan ribu warga negara mereka rasanya tidaklah terlalu sukar,tetapi ini tidak berlaku,kenapa?

Kenapa kita tidak pernah mendengar warga Jepun menjadi pengebom berani mati di bumi Amerika atau Britain kerana isu Hiroshima dan Nagasaki?Mereka bukanlah bangsa penakut,mereka juga punya teknologi utk berbuat demikian.Kenapa mereka tidak membalas dendam kpd negara yg telah membunuh ribuan nenek moyang mereka tanpa belas kasihan?

Selepas perang,masyarakat Jepun telah bangkit.Mereka sedar,tidak ada cara yg lebih ampuh untuk mengembalikan maruah bangsa Jepun selain dari menjadi peneraju dalam semua bidang kehidupan spt  teknologi dan sains.Inilah azam masyarakat Jepun.Hari ini,tanpa laungan "JIHAD" atau "KAMIKAZE",bangsa Jepun menjadi bangsa terbilang didunia dan menjadi antara negara yg berada dlm 10 negara yg kukuh ekonominya.Penderitaan perang dijadikan pengajaran yg pahit utk mereka membina tamadun baru dan maju ke hadapan.

Bagaimana pula dengan umat Islam yg berjumlah 1 billion yg mengaku bahawa bumi ini seharusnya diperintah oleh Khalifah Islam?

Afghanistan diserang oleh tentera Soviet Union(USSR) pada tahun 1979-1989.Laungan "jihad" dan "perang suci" mula kedengaran dan menjadi buah mulut umat Islam.Di waktu yg sama,kedatangan Khomeini membawa kepimpinan ulamak dan Khalifah Islam di Iran menyemarakkan api "negara Islam" dan "JIHAD MELAWAN AMERIKA & ISRAEL". Setelah hampir 4 dekad perang Soviet-Afghan berlalu,hasilnya cuma umat Islam semakin teruja untuk meletupkan badan sendiri di tengah-tengah masyarakat kafir yg mereka sangkakan musuh.Inikah kebangkitan mereka?

Laungan "JIHAD" menjadi anutan umat Islam seluruh dunia seolah-olah dengan melaungkan "tuhan yg maha besar" akan mampu mengubah nasib negara mereka dan umat Islam yg mereka akui "ditindas dan ketinggalan".

Kata seorang Anthropologist Scott Atran; "since 2004 the overwhelming majority of bombers have been motivated by the ideology of Islamist Martyrdom". Ya,mereka mahu mati syahid dan segera ke syurga dgn membunuh orang awam.Adakah ini sahaja kemajuan dan perancangan umat Islam utk mengembalikan maruah mereka?

Ideology "jihad" yg pada asalnya tertumpu dlm kerangka zon perang sekarang ini merebak teruk ke segenap jiwa umat Islam.Mereka yakin memerangi orang Yahudi dan Kristian adalah tuntutan agama.Lalu membunuh orang awam samada Yahudi,Kristian atau non muslim adalah sesuatu yg dihalalkan.

Bayangkan,kanak-kanak Melayu yg berusia hanya 10 tahun sudah mula melaungkan slogan "membenci Yahudi". Apakah corak masa depan bagi kanak-kanak spt ini?Mereka tidak tahu erti perang,erti kemanusiaan,politik dan ekonomi,tapi orang Melayu dan Islam menanamkan kebencian dlm jiwa kanak-kanak atas nama agama.Bayangkan apabila kanak-kanak ini mencapai umur 30 tahun,setelah 20 tahun dibajai dengan kebencian,tidakkah mereka berpotensi membunuh manusia atas nama "agama"?

Isu negara Palestin dijadikan lambang "Yahudi itu jahat" dan kerja Yahudi hanya utk memusnahkan Islam.Cuba baca baik-baik,isu Palestin ini bukti Yahudi jahat atau bukti umat Islam bodoh?Hanya orang bodoh dan naif  sahaja yg boleh ditipu dan di jajah sepanjang masa,dan ini lah yg berlaku kpd umat Islam.

Masyarakat Jepun bangkit setelah di bom pada tahun 1945.Masyarakat Yahudi bangkit selepas Holocaust pada perang dunia ke 2 yg meragut jutaan nyawa orang-orang Yahudi angkara tentera Nazi.Adakah masyarakat Palestin,Afghanistan dan umat Islam sedunia bangkit sptmana rakyat Jepun dan Yahudi?

Apa yg dibuat oleh masyarakat Palestin semenjak tahun 1948 selepas tertubuhnya negara Israel di tanah yg mereka akui "tanah suci mereka" itu?.Cuba kita baca di bawah ini apakah kejayaan yg di capai oleh masyarakat Yahudi hari ini setelah mereka menubuhkan negara mereka sendiri pada tahun 1948 di "tanah suci umat Islam Palestin"

"Israel is a developed country and an OECD member,with the 35th-largest economy in the world by nominal gross domestic product as of 2016. The country benefits from a highly skilled workforce and is among the most educated countries in the world with one of the highest percentages of its citizens holding a tertiary education degree. The country has the highest standard of living in the Middle East and the third highest in Asia, and has one of the highest life expectancies in the world". Ini tidak termasuk lagi tentang perihal kecanggihan armada tentera Israel yg telah diketahui umum.

Lihat,Yahudi sudah tentu tidak sibuk untuk melayan kerenah retorik agama bahawa umat Islam adalah "musuh mereka".Sebaliknya mereka mengejar ilmu dunia utk bangkit sebagai individu dan negara yg dihormati serta berkemahiran tinggi.Sebesar mana pun kebencian atau retorik masyarakat dunia tentang perangai jahat "Yahudi",mereka tidak peduli.Mereka tahu hanya dgn ilmu dan kemahiran lah masyarakat mereka akan dihormati oleh dunia.Trauma tentang Holocaust mengajar mereka sesuatu.

Sekarang mari kita lihat apa kegiatan umat Islam.Berdekad-dekad lamanya mereka membazirkan masa berkhutbah di masjid dan surau tentang kejahatan Yahudi dan Kristian terhadap umat Islam dan tentang kejatuhan Khalifah Uthmaniyah angkara hasutan orang kafir serta negara Islam dibuli oleh kuasa imperialis dunia.Mereka tidak habis-habis menabur benih "JIHAD" dan "Perang Suci" kpd kedua-dua syaitan ini,tetapi hasilnya apa?Mereka menabur kisah bagaimana Baitul Maqdis itu adalah kiblat suci umat Islam yg wajib di ambil semula.Tetapi selepas 7 dekad Palestin "dibuli",apa yg umat Islam ada untuk merampas semula Baitul Maqdis?

Mereka fikir dengan menambahkan kebencian kpd Yahudi,Kristian dan non muslim,maka bertambah kuatlah umat Islam.Mereka fikir dengan memperbanyakkan letupan bom di negara-negara kafir akan membuatkan umat Islam lebih dihormati.Mereka fikir dengan memperbanyakkan hukum-hakam agama dan imej-imej agama mampu menguatkan umat Islam dan mereka akan berjaya bersaing dgn manusia lain.

Umat Islam sekarang hanya tahu melihat dosa orang lain dan kemudiannya "menerakakan" mereka tanpa menyedari bahawa merekalah yg terperosok ke dalam neraka dunia pada hari ini.Akhirnya dunia hanya melihat umat Islam sebagai manusia yg tidak boleh hidup aman damai bersama dgn masyarakat lain.Siapa yg mahu hidup dgn umat yg menjaja kebencian kpd sesama manusia?

Bertaubatlah umat Islam..contohilah masyarakat Jepun dan Yahudi yg melihat kedalam diri mereka sendiri dan bangkit sebagai manusia contoh.

Nota : Mati keluar air mani diambil dari kisah benar Mujahideen Afghan yg mati di medan perang Soviet-Afghan.Itu tanda mereka baru saja selesai berjubur dengan bidadari.