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Friday, October 21, 2016

EPF Borrows Money

This news has not been reported by Utusan Meloya, Berita Harian, NST or Star. It means the gomen has given instructions to hush things up.

Only the Chinese Press has been playing this up. Messages were flying around that the EPF was borrowing RM12 billion.

The EPF has now clarified that they are not borrowing RM12 Billion. They are only borrowing RM1.2 Billion.  (Such a small amount). Here is EPF's explanation why they are borrowing, which itself is strange. 

The news had earlier been reported in the Chinese media.

Lets analyse a little.

EPF says they want to borrow RM1.28 billion to protect against forex risks.

This does not make sense. To protect against forex risks you can buy some currency hedging. You can "lock in" a certain exchange rate  for the currency of your requirement. But you cannot lock in the exchange rate forever. They usually run for a few months. 

Some bank must provide this 'lock in rate' and they will charge an arm and a leg.  And there are major risks. This was how our Bank Negara lost all those billions of Ringgits. Still have not learnt any lessons?

If the EPF wants to refinance its assets in the UK, then they should be borrowing in UK Pounds. Not Ringgits. If you borrow Ringgits to refinance Pound Sterling it does not make good sense. This is what happened in the 90s economic crisis. Local corporates borrowed in US Dollar when their earnings were in Ringgit. A bad example : TNB.

Unless the EPF is borrowing in Pounds from DBS and Stanchart Banks.

So the cat is out of the bag - refinance means the EPF borrowed to acquire those assets. 

Borrowed in Ringgit or in Pounds? 

Oops.  Tapi kenapa nak rahsia sangat? Duit orang lah. 

Islamisation versus Islami-cessation of Knowledge.

Knowledge became Islamised since the day man began asking 
  1. what is it, what happened
  2. where is it, where did it happen
  3. when is it, when did it happen
  4. who is it, who did it
  5. why is it so, why did it happen
  6. how is it, how did it happen

This happened long before the Quran was revealed. The Quran confirms many things that man had already done before - in one simple volume.

The Quran says 'haatu burhanukum inkuntum sadiqeen' which means 'bring your evidence if you are truthful'.

This is Islamisation of Knowledge. 
This is also the Scientific Method. 
This is 'Evidenced Based Learning'.  
Show evidence, show proof, show us a scientific method.

This is Islamisation of knowledge. In fact this preceded the Quran. 
The thinkers and philosophers in India, China, Greece and elsewhere all knew this. 
Or they must have known this. 

The Quran says, 'listen to all the views and then follow the best thereof'  (39:18).

This is also the Scientific Method. You must listen to all views, especially the dissenting views and see what proofs and logic they present. Then you follow the best argument. That should lead you to progress.  That is Islamisation of Knowledge as well.

In Malaysia now if the religious people disagree with what you say they can jail you for three years, fine you RM5000 and / or cane you six times.  This is the 3,5,6 Law or the Syariah punishment. 

If you disagree with an opinion of a civil servant called the mufti, you can be hit with the 3,5,6 Law. You can be jailed, fined or whipped if your opinion (just your opinion) differs from his opinion. Just his opinion. This is 'islami-cessation" of knowledge. Knowledge ceases.

So how can there be exchange of knowledge (asking, questioning, discussing, asking for evidence, asking for proof etc) if a question or a statement can be labelled as 'wrong' or 'misleading' or 'deviant' and slapped with the 3,5,6 Law?

Or like the Salafis do, just declare your opponent 'kafir' and then kill them ?

It is not Islamisation of knowledge. It is more an 'islami-cessation' of knowledge. Where knowledge ceases.

It is the sure road to stupidity.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ayub Khan why do you allow Bilal Phillips into the Country?

Bilal Philips
  • 2007 banned from Australia by national security
  • 2010 banned from UK by Home Sec. for "extremist views"
  • Philips condoned suicide bombers
  • his "Fundamentals of Tauheed" described extremist by UK
  • 2011 banned from Germany,  persona non grata
  • 2012 banned from Kenya over terror links
  • named by US as unindicted co-conspirator in '93 WTC bombing
  • 2014 Czech police arrest publisher of Philip's book 
  • "Fundamentals of Tawheed" incites xenophobia, violence
  • June 2014, Bangladesh orders him to leave country
  • 9/'14 arrested in Ph'pines for “inciting, recruiting for terror activities”
  • Philippine police arrest him in southern Davao City
  • classified undesirable : possible link to terror groups
  • Ph'pine police said Philips link with terror grps 

Born  :   Dennis Bradley Philips
Denomination  :  Salafi
Movement  :  Salafi movement
Alma mater    B.A. - Islamic University of Medina
M.A. - King Saud University
Bilal Philips lives in Qatar.
He considers himself a Salafi 

Influenced by "Islam The Misunderstood Religion" by Muhammad Qutb
founded Islamic Online University in Qatar (a center of Salafism).

And where is Bilal Philips now?  Well he is in Ipoh, Perak speaking about "Islamic-cessation of knowledge"  :

And what did Bilal Philips who has been banned in Bangladesh, Kenya, Philippines, Australia, UK, US and Germany say at this conference in Ipoh?  

He said :

  ..  .. . sleeping on our stomach is bad for our health"   
Read More :

This is what I call "Islamic-cessation" of knowledge.  Knowledge ceases altogether.

Sleeping on our stomachs is bad for our health?  Is this a religious ruling?

What if someone finds it more comfortable to sleep on his stomach? 

Do you chop off his head?
Does he go to hell? exactly is it bad for your health?  Is there any medical evidence?  What scientific proofs do you have ?  (Other than my great grandfather heard it  from his great grandfather the village carpenter who heard it from his grandfather the village merchant etc..)

Why waste time with these useless statements ?

You can go to sleep anyway you wish, on your stomach, on your back, on your left side, on your right side.  Whichever is more comfortable for you.

It does not really matter because  during your sleep at night  your body will find a position that is suitable and comfortable.  It is beyond your control.

Only when you wake up in the morning you will know what sleeping position your body was finally comfortable with.
When I was younger no matter what position in which I went to sleep I always woke up on my stomach. 

When older (and my stomach got bigger)  I sleep on my sides and on my back. 

The Chi Kung masters teach what I discovered as a child, the best sleep is on a very thin mattress on a wooden floor - that too can be sleeping on your back, sideways, on your stomach.  Whatever makes your body feel more comfortable.

And try selling a sleeping position to your new born babies. No matter what position you place your sleeping babies (for fear of S.I.D.S), at some point during their babyhood they will all assume these 'sleeping on the stomach' positions. These are natural baby sleep positions :

No one taught these babies to sleep on their stomachs. Our sons did the same. So did a dozen cousins, nephews and nieces. 
It comes naturally. Allah did not make any mistakes here ok. So please dont become an agent of shaytan and say that these babies are sleeping wrongly.  Dont make a mountain out of a molehill.
Here is what can make you lose sleep at night. 
You are lazy to get up and use the bathroom.
From my experience it is also why we have dreams that disturb sleep
It is a 'wake up and go to the bathroom' warning from our bladder.
Get up and use the bathroom and sleep comes back. 
So Ayub Khan, you have allowed this un-scientific fellow, who has been banned from entering so many countries to come here and give strange and dubious health advice that 'sleeing on your stomach is bad for your health'? 
He is not a scientist or a medical doctor.  He has absolutely, completely, no evidence for what he says. 
The Quran says 'haatu burhanukum in kuntum sadiqeen' - bring your evidence if you are truthful.  Grandfather stories are not evidence.
But this is NOT the danger. The danger is he says these stupid things are part of his fake religion. 
That if you DO NOT believe these stupid things then he will start labelling ordinary, innocent people as kafirs (takfir), munafiks, murtads (apostates) etc.  And it wil get worse from there.  

Ayub Khan, we cannot be stupid.  Constant vigilance becomes necessary when we are stupid.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arab Saudi Jalin Hubungan "Luar Tabii' Dengan Israel, "Kedutaan kecil" Israel Di Buka Di Abu Dhabi, Israel jual senjata kpd Arab Saudi

1. 2015 UAE setuju pembukaan kedutaan kecil Israel

Late last year the Israelis announced that they were opening a diplomatic office in the United Arab Emirates.  The story went around the world.

2.  Julai 2016 rombongan tentera dan keselamatan Arab Saudi mengunjungi Israel

Then in July of this year a military delegation (dressed in civilian clothes) from Saudi Arabia visited Israel.  

The Saudi delegation was headed by a retired Saudi Arabian general Anwar Eshki. Here is the news :

Former Saudi general visits Jerusalem, meets Israeli officials
Saudis want to open up to Israel
July 23, 2016   

General Anwar Eshki (center, in striped tie), Saudi delegation with Israeli Knesset members in Israel,  July 22, 2016 

Saudi delegation seeking to encourage discussion 

delegation met Foreign Ministry DG Dore Gold, Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai

Anwar Eshki travelled to Israel with approval from Saudi govt 

visit by top adviser to Saudi govt extremely rare,  highly unusual

Saudis promised Israel diplomatic ties with 57 Arab/Muslim states 

  • Saudis want to open up to Israel 
  • It’s a strategic move for them
  • They want to get closer with Israel
  • "we could feel it clearly.."

Lebanon's Al-Mayadeen news said Saudi visit was 2nd of its kind

Earlier Egypt Foreign Minister Shoukry visited Netanyahu
Channel 2 said Shoukry’s visit coordinated by Saudi Arabia
"clandestine talks" between Israel and Arabs
Arabs see Jewish state as ally against Iran 
Netanyahu spoke of secret ties with Arab nations
Eshki said “Saudis and Israelis could work together.." 

My comments :  The Saudis are now depending on the Israelis to fight the Houthis and fend off Iran.   Here is one more news item :

3.   Saudi Defense Minister Prince Mohamed bin Salman meets Netanyahu ! !

Saudi Defense Minister Meets Israeli PM Netanyahu
bin Salman phone calls, meetings with Netanyahu
Palestinian newspaper al-Manar reported
phoned Netanyahu last Thurs, al-Manar reported on Sat
Bin Salman held meetings with Netanyahu twice, one of which in Eilat (Israel) 

The smartest guy in Saudi Arabia !!

al-Manar says bin Salman, Netanyahu discussed 
  • relations btwn Riyadh, Tel Aviv
  • situation in Syria, Lebanon
  • security coordination between the two 
  • Riyadh's purchase of weapons from Israel 
  • support for terrorist groups in Syria 
  • war against Yemen
bin Salman agreed to high-level Saudi-Israeli meeting in near future al Manar said

regional media revealed in July retired Saudi general traveled to Israel
growing link between Tel Aviv and Riyadh 
came to light in recent months.

Anwar Eshki met Dore Gold,  Yoav Mordechai and Knesset members.

media in Israel called the visit "a highly unusual one" 
Eshki couldn't travel to Israel without approval from Saudi govt

in June 2015 Eshki and Gold held joint event in Washington
met several times privately over preceding year.

Gold director general of Israeli foreign ministry. 

Israeli legislator Esawi Freige organized Eshki’s visit 
"The Saudis want to open up to Israel," he said.

"This is a strategic step for them. 
They want to get closer to Israel. 
This is clearly evident," Fregie noted.

My comments :  

1.   Riyadh's purchase of weapons from Israel

The Israelis have plenty of US weapons. Saudis use US weapons. So it will not be any problem for Israel to resell American weapons to the Saudis.

2.    security coordination between the two 

I think what this means is the Saudi Airforce will share their IFF codes (Identification Friend or Foe) with the Israelis. This will enable the Israeli Airforce to enter Saudi airspace safely. Israel and the Russian airforce came to a similar agreement over flight operations in Syria. With the IFF codes, there will not be 'accidental' shootdowns. 

The Israelis will also get more information from the Saudis over ISIS strengths and locations of ISIS commanders in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. The Saudis are 100% behind the ISIS. Major ISIS commanders are from Saudi Arabia. 

3.   war against Yemen

I think the camels will lose more teeth here.  The best thing for the Israelis to do will be to advise Saudi Arabia to end the war on Yemen, pay damages and concede to Yemen the three provinces of Asir, Jizan and Najran which the Saudis annexed from the Yemen anyway. Give them back their lands.

The Saudi Arabia - Israel security axis is developing very quickly and it will become very strong in the coming weeks and months. 

There will be more confidence building and trust between the Saudis and the Israelis. 

Soon the Gulf Cooperation Council (the UAE ie Abu Dhabi, Dubai then Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman) will start recognising Israel. This is bound to happen. 

The Israelis hold many cards. They can easily lead them to more war or they can lead them to trade and prosperity. 

Short term gains versus long term treasures? 

There is a major downside - all this to save the backsides of the corrupt Arab rulers.  Will their people agree?  

Because the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia say this in their prayers at the mosque in Mecca, plus in Saudi Arabian kindergartens they still teach this to their kids :

Here is the url :

I see more bloodshed in the Middle East.