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Thursday, October 19, 2017


BEIRUT:  viral photo shows her celebrating capture of Raqa
Rojda Felat commanded thousands of fighters
clinched defining victory against jihadists.
top commander in female branch — Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) 
commanding biggest operations ever against IS.
Rojda Felat 37, assumed command of first phase of Raqa operation.

Pictures of her fixing Syrian Democratic Forces’ flag went viral Tuesday
she raised victory flag in ISIS capital 

she belongs to People’s Protection Units (YPG)
backbone of SDF, which battled four months to capture Raqa.

jihadists “carried out worst atrocities against women, made them slaves
worst crimes by ultra-violent ISIS was genocide against Yazidi 

IS kidnap, enslave thousands of women and girls

Felat from Kurdish-majority city of Qamishli in northeast Syria

Women’s Protection Units embody camaraderie, group spirit

My comments :  Jihad konon.  Akhir sekali tewas ditangan panglima tentera wanita yang mengepalai tentera komando wanita Kurdish.  Malulah brader !!

Part 1 : The Problem With The Hadith - Saudi Arabia to vet use of Prophet’s sayings to counter extremism

I received this from a reader F.  Farouk. 

"Saudi Arabia to vet use of Prophet’s sayings to counter extremism
F Farouk < -  -  ->
Salam Tuan Haji,   You officially have bragging rights to say you were right all this while. 
From the mouth of the chief camel, quoted from the Malay Mail as below.

My comments :  Thank you F.  Farouk. Thank you for granting me the bragging rights as well.    They banned my book Malaysia And The Club of Doom last year - 10 years after it was published in 2006. As the title suggests my book predicted the collapse of the Islamic countries a full FIVE YEARS before the Arab Spring took place in 2011.  The Arab Spring has now become the ARAB HELL and it is still going on, perhaps it will get even more worse as more and more Islamic countries will collapse.  

Anyway here is that Malay Mail story about Saudi Arabia :

RIYADH, Oct 19 — Saudi to monitor interpretations of hadith
prevent them being used to justify violence, terrorism
King Salman decreed establishment of body to scrutinise hadith 
authority's aim to “eliminate fake, extremist texts"
that justify crimes, murders, terrorist acts
“solid scientific references to vet, verify authenticity of hadiths”

chaired by M Hassan, Council Senior Scholars, Saudi highest religious body
to be based in Medina, overseen by council of scholars 
ministry offered no specific details how it would work in practice

ISIS and al-Qaeda use hadiths — numbered in thousands 
to justify violence, carry out attacks

Saudi oil exports allow it to fund mosques abroad

ultra-conservative Wahhabi close to Saud dynasty 
offer legitimacy in return for control over mosques, universities.
Wahhabi doctrine favours strict version of law

government vets clerics in Saudi 
has sacked many for violence or sedition

My comments : First of all let me tell you that the religious people are the Number 1 lying b@_tards in the world,  especially the Saudi Wahhabi camel shaggers. Anak S_ndal  First  Class. Dont believe anything they say.  

All this is just hogwash.  

Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia on May 20, 2017. 
Trump THREATENED the Saudi King to make serious reform or otherwise the US will cut off their support and let the Saudis die.

Donald Trump has put a gun to their head. 

Since Trump's visit on May 20th, 2017 the Saudis have announced THREE MAJOR reforms:

1. the Saudis  have said that they will be ABOLISHING all Saudi school textbooks that preach hatred and violence against non Muslims and non Wahhabis.   That was reform No. 1.

2.  the Saudis have said they are going to allow women to drive. That is No. 2.

3. Now number three is they are going to vet fake hadith and violent hadith (whether fake or not).


Even if they abolish school textbooks that preach hatred and violence what is there to prevent their Wahhabi teachers from verbally preaching violence and hatred to their school kids, outside of the "new" textbooks ?  

Allowing women to drive has not been fully established yet. 

The talk is only women above 35, who are married and have children  will be allowed to drive. 
They will be allowed to drive only within a certain radius around their homes. 
For long distance driving she must be accompanied by a husband or male relative. 
They can only drive during the daytime within certain hours.
A woman driver must have a mobile phone with her at all times. 
It is an offence if she does not have a mobile phone while driving.
And (get this folks)  women drivers must pay monthly for an extra special woman's driving license which includes towing fees and car repair fees. 
If a woman driver has a flat tyre or engine problems she CANNOT STEP OUT OF THE CAR to change her flat tyre or fix the engine.  
She must use her mobile phone to summon a government repair team to fix her flat tyre or repair her car or tow her car.  Hence the special license fees.

In other words this "allowing women to drive" is just bullshit. It is not going to happen. This is just hogwash to fool the Americans that Saudi Arabia wants to make reforms.

Finally this 'lets vet the hadith' is also just fake. If the Saudis start vetting the hadith that will be the end of the Wahabi religion.

The Wahabi religion has got nothing to do with the Quran. It is all based on hadith.

These hadith have been floating around for over 1000 years. 
Do you seriously think that the Wahabis are suddenly going to label the hadith as fake?   It will be the end of the Wahabis.

I think it is more hogwash. 

They just want to placate Trump so that the US Airforce will continue supporting Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign against Yemen.

This is just a fake facade which the Saudis will try to put up - until Trump is no more President.

Hopefully another Obama will become president and close BOTH EYES to what the Saudis are doing.


Here is some interesting news. 

MO1 has no intention of Zahid Hamidi succeeding him as the party president or as the PM. Come the next UMNO assembly they are going to engineer Zahid out of the picture.

If MO1 wins the general elections (which will be held before the UMNO elections) it is said that Zahid Hamidi will be completely left out in the post elections Cabinet reshuffle.

MO1 is afraid to move against Zahid now because it may cause upheavals and loss of some UMNO votes.  

The only possibility of MO1 removing Zahid Hamidi BEFORE the elections is if MO1 also steps down. 

In either scenario Zahid Hamidi is out of the picture.  Zahid Hamidi's political career is coming to an end soon.

So the situation for Zahid and his henchmen is 'Its now or never'.

Zahid and his henchmen have to make a move now or they will forever lose their chance of seeing Zahid Hamidi replacing MO1.

Zahid Hamidi the pendatang tanpa izin from Jawa never dreamed of becoming a Minister. But this is Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh.  He never dreamed of becoming Prime Minister either.

But the PM's Office is now just one heart beat away.  Sadly Zahid was never "inner circle".  Not a blue blood or bangsawan. The son of Javanese pendatang haram.  There is no way the 'inner circle' is going to allow him to the PM's position.

What can Zahid do ?  Minta kuih lah brader.

Say 200 million kuih talam?  Settle saja.