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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sambutan Krismas Oleh Al-Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan Al-Emir Al-Arab Al-Abu Dhabi : Hias Krismas Tree Dgn Berlian Dan Permata RM50 Juta ! !


Ha_ _ _ ur Rahman K_ _ _r Shah The Tamil And His Malay 'Third Force'.

Beware the wrath of December !

This is from Asia Sentinel here:

The Conspiracy to Save Najib

Fake news at its best in Malaysia 

extraordinary twist -  new Malaysian website conflated Soros, Blair, Al Gore, the “Clinton team,” Rothschild family,  FBI, Obama, Clare Rewcastle, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, a flock of locals into conspiracy “to restructure East Asia political landscape, particularly arrayed against Najib Razak.

“Malaysia Outlook,” written by “Third Force” 

printed four articles detailing their "conspiracy" to topple Najib elites to effect regime change in Malaysia..

Soros a Mahathir accomplice ?? An example 
of the uneducated, mediocrity from Malaysia Outlook.

Malaysia Outlook latest attempt to protect Najib from public scrutiny 

overwhelming evidence of his complicity in biggest scandal
theft of US$2.5 b - US$4 billion from 1MDB 
lost RM50 billion (US$11.316 billion) through theft 
unknown amount went to finance Red Granite Pictures

US Justice Dept, in July issued 136-page document 

over 2009-2013, public officials divert billions from 1MDB 
defrauding foreign banks, foreign wire communications 
launder proceeds through U.S financial institutions.

Najib, cronies attempt to wriggle free from theft

survived by bribing 190-odd leaders of UMNO to keep him in power. 

Najib diverted US$681m - US$1b into own accounts
launched flurry of online fake news outlets
best-funded is Malaysia Outlook.
Malaysia Outlook brainchild of Habibur Rahman Kadir Shah

Ha___ur Rahman K___r Shah - control of media

informal media dictator to Star, NST, TV3 
controller, paymaster for bloggers who write for Malaysia Outlook
including Moron of Manchester who has joined Najib’s crew.

key members : Moron of Manchester,  son of former IGP  and Puto 

paid well to produce fake news

US DOJ shows billions diverted to “Malaysian Official 1”

diversion of funds into “Good Star” 
US$1b into Good Star, beneficial owner Jho Low
billions more diverted through Aabar-BVI 

money poured into :

THE L’ERMITAGE PROPERTY, 9291 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, California 90210 – better known as L’Ermitage Hotel.

HILLCREST PROPERTY 1, a mansion  at 912 North Hillcrest Road Beverly Hills, owned by a shell company.

PARK LAUREL CONDOMINIUM, real property located in New York, New York owned by Park Laurel Acquisition LLC, a shell company

BOMBARDIER JET: Global 5000 aircraft bearing manufacturer serial number 9265, registration number N689WM.

TIME WARNER PENTHOUSE:  located in New York, New York owned by 80 Columbus Circle (NYC) LLC, a shell company.

ORIOLE MANSION:  real property located in Los Angeles, California, owned by Oriole Drive (LA) LLC, a shell company.

GREENE CONDOMINIUM:  real property located in New York, New York owned by the 118 Greene Street, a shell company.

EMI ASSETS:  including copyright and intellectual property rights, as well as the right to collect and receive any profits, royalties, and proceeds of distribution owned by or owed to JW Nile (BVI), Ltd.; JCL Media, a shell company.

SYMPHONY CP (PARK LANE) LLC ASSETS:  a Delaware limited liability company, owned, held or acquired, directly or indirectly, by Symphony CP Investments LLC and Symphony CP Investments Holdings LLC, shell companies that own the Park Lane Hotel at 36 Central Park South, New York, New York, 10019.

WALKER TOWER PENTHOUSE:  located in New York, New York owned by 212 West 18th Street LLC, a shell company,

LAUREL BEVERLY HILLS MANSION:  located in Beverly Hills, California, owned by Laurel Beverly Hills Holdings, LLC, a shell company.

HILLCREST PROPERTY 2: located in Beverly Hills, California owned by 1169 Hillcrest Road LLC, a shell company.

THE QENTAS TOWNHOUSE:  located in London, United Kingdom, owned by Qentas Holdings Ltd., a shell company.

transactions reported in exhaustive detail in US DOJ filing

DOJ 136 page filing far more sophisticated than The Malaysia Outlook

My comments : This is something interesting from Asia Sentinel. I have checked the website mentioned by Asia Sentinel.

There is no mention of my name Syed Akbar Ali as a conspirator. 
Boo hoo hoo. I am so disappointed.   
Not too long ago  I was said to be the most influential advisor to both Tun Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Do you folks recall that? 
Also that Tun Dr Mahathir had given me a war chest of RM500 million to carry out the conspiracy. Do read my conclusion.

I can say this.  Recall an earlier post where I said that TWO Tan Sri's of the same GLC found bugs in their offices?  

What does this mean? It means  People are watching you.

In the same way, some of the names mentioned by Asia Sentinel above may be new to you folks but I have been hearing about these names for sometime.

One 'person' mentions some of these names along with words like 'jail time'.
He seemed to know them personally and seemed to know more than he divulged.

Recently I also met  someone from the highest rungs of the spooks.  These same names were mentioned.  (Ok lah correction : one name was pointed out).

Let me remind you : People are watching you.  

Dont despair. I am always full of suggestions, even for these folks. 

My suggestion is : do you have a Plan B? By now you must have a Plan B. Maybe a Plan C as well.   

Plan B may require use of your passport.  It is easy but you will miss teh tarik and nasi lemak.

Plan C may mean that you start compiling dates, facts, figures, notes, audio and video recordings of your meetings with each other.  In other words start spying on each other and compile dossiers which you can then use to trade for your freedom, trade for no prosecution deals, trade for some deal making later.

One of the bloggers mentioned above has a very dirty habit of  secretly recording meetings and conversations on his Blackberry. He has been doing it for a long, long time. Dirty habits are hard to break. 

It will be very, very safe to assume that all of you who have come into contact with him have been secretly taped. Ha ha ha. 

But remember this : you are Team Kleptocrat. That fact does not change. You are the baddies. 

You can lock people up, you can shut down media, you can threaten people, jail them, do what you want. But you are still the thieves.  

All that money has been stolen. You cannot 'unsteal' it.
You are thieves. You cannot 'unthieve'.
The theft has been committed.   You cannot 'untheft'.
This fact does not change.

Tick tock, tick tock. Your time is running out.
People are watching you.

You think you have SOSMA, NSC?  Ha ha.  Well others will have SOSMA and NSC too. Tick tock. They will come after you too. And they know exactly who you are and they know exactly what you are up to.  Dont say I did not warn you.

There is that very big difference. They are not the thieves. You are.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Here is my conclusion:  Team Moron suffers from a terrible lack of talent in all its endeavours.  

Moron said that he prefers loyalty over intelligence. This means he hires the less intelligent. I can vouch for this. I know them. 

He also hires the less educated. I can vouch for this.  I know these folks as well.

Of course when the less educated and less intelligent are both the same person that is a double whammy.

And then you pay them top dollar to write crap. 

It does not work. From a purely psy-war and spinmeister point of view, they make Najib look terribly stupid.  Najib comes out looking more and more stupid.

I hope you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.   


Link :

Here are two gambar hiasan :

 Tamil Muslims. Left to right front row :  
Kuthubudeen, Inayatullah, Autulkader,  Ibrahimsa.

Here is another gambar hiasan of another Tamil Muslim:

Do you want to guess who this is? Gambar lain pun ada kut.
I told you, 'People are watching'

Moron has affected ASEAN unity, fueled tensions and incited jihadi terrorism says Myanmar spokesman

The Rohingya fiasco is not over yet. The whole world is laughing at moron and his Cabinet as well as the dumbno party leaders.  

Indirectly addressing moron, Kofi Annan the former UN secretary general has said that there is no genocide in Myanmar against the Rohingya. 

Annan had just returned from Myanmar after being invited by Aung San Su Kyi to study the Rohingya matter. Here is the news:

Kofi Annan refrained using "genocide" to describe Rohingya

after visiting Rakhine State, Annan said there is tension but not genocide

there are tensions, fighting, but I wouldn't put it the way some have done

Annan invited by Aung San Suu Kyi to oversee Rakhine State

we need to encourage communities to connect

advises observers to be “very, very careful” when using  'genocide'. 

"moron"  attended rally last Sunday, calling on Myanmar to end genocide 

diplomatic strains between Malaysia and Myanmar

Myanmar cited  violation of Asean’s non-interference policy

My comments : Annan advises people to be very careful when throwing around words like genocide. But in Malaysia, the village kids cant speak omputih too well.  Belasah aje.  They just want to sound impressive to the kampong people.

Here is a TV news report of a Myanmar government spokesman saying that moron has actually done three things :

1.  poured fuel over a fire when the people in Myanmar are trying to cool things down
2.  destroyed the unity and usefulness of ASEAN
3.  incited religious extremism and religious terrorism in Myanmar 

This is what moron has done.  Here is the video :


My strong advise : Pi lah beli sabun baru. 

Dia orang nak peduli Rohingya bagus, tapi pasal apa dia tak peduli Orang Asli?

Sebab dia orang kleptokrasi.
Kleptokrasi  itu hipokrasi.
Tambah lagi ini kes Orang Asli.
Makan monyet, tupai dan babi.
Siapa mau peduli? 
Rohingya lagi seksi.
Kasi IC dia boleh undi.