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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Malaysian Automotive Industry Changes Gear

Here is something from Paul Tan's blog : 

My comments : Paul Tan says car sales are down 9% for February. No surprise there at all. Only Toyota registered an 11% increase in sales in February 2018.  But take a look at the table here :

Perodua again occupies pole position.  Proton is No. 4 - behind Honda and Toyota.  Proton only sold 3,857 units in February 2018.

The THREE major "local" car companies are now not local anymore. 

No. 1  Perodua has long been majority owned by Daihatsu of Japan which is part of the Toyota stable.

No. 2 Proton has now been taken over by Geely of China - which has also acquired Lotus cars along with Proton. 

And here is more trivia - Lotus has now turned profitable - for the first time in many, many years. Lotus will soon sell a Lotus SUV based on a "Geely platform".  

Can you believe that?  The Chinese teaching the grand children of Stirling Moss how to build and sell cars.   If you dont know who is Stirling Moss, please Google it. Geely expects Lotus to hit the billion pound sales level not too far from now.

No. 3    The third sizeable car company in Malaysia - Naza has recently SOLD their Shah Alam car manufacturing plant to Peugeot SA of France.  The Shah Alam plant has a capacity of 15,000 units and was being used to assemble Peugeot cars anyway.

Peugeot of France hopes to ramp up production at the Shah Alam plant for the local as well as the Asian market. 

Peugeot builds marvellous French cars but sadly their sales and service network in Malaysia is weak. My friend's Peugeot broke down in Pahang, they towed the car (under warranty)  all the way to Kuala Lumpur to be fixed. And it has been almost one month and the car still cannot be fixed. 

With Peugeot SA taking over production of the cars in Malaysia, hopefully the quality of their after sales service will also improve for Peugeot in Malaysia.

So all three major local car makers Proton, Perodua and Peugeot Naza are now owned by foreign car companies. 

The rule-of-thumb now requires a minimum volume of THREE MILLION cars sold a year for a car company to make money and remain in the game.   If you do not have this amount of volume, you are screwed.  Car manufacturing is a big boys game. It is a global business.

With Geely, Peugeot SA and Daihatsu-Toyota now taking over car manufacturing in Malaysia the Malaysian auto industry does not need any type of protection anymore. I hope our gomen can understand just a little bit about business.

These are global players who thrive on open competition. Let them do what they do best and DO NOT INTERFERE. 

Let them compete and manufacture and sell cars at MARKET PRICES. Thats all we should ask. Just sell their products at real market prices. 

Not at some artifically inflated price, determined by some tak tahu kira, tak tahu niaga Civil Servant,  that has nothing to do with anything useful.   BRING DOWN CAR PRICES.

The Malaysian automotive industry is set to take off.  
The manufacturing plants can now operate at higher capacities. 
More jobs will be created for our local engineers and technicians. 
There will be more parts manufacturing locally as well. 
If we plan this right, this will be a growth industry in Malaysia. 

Let us prepare our boys and girls to become productive workers, clever technicians and creative engineers who can be a part of this global business - without even having to leave home. The global auto  players have decided to come here.
The airline industry has been deregulated. We have the Air Asia, Malindo miracle.
The universities have been deregulated. We are now an international education hub.
The car industry is being deregulated. The global players are already here.
The banking industry must be deregulated.  The banks are making our people poorer.

Will UPSI Award Degrees In B_d_h Sombong ??

First there was this news.  The retards are all over the place, including in UPSI in Perak. Some retards wrote a paper criticising Dr Farouk Musa on his "liberal" views. They wrote the paper in English - Waalau-wey.  That was disastrous too.

The writers (there were three jokers) includes a retard who is a PAS member.  Here be the story from FMT :  

research paper by 3 senior lecturers at UPSI criticising Dr Farouk Musa, IRF

stirs debate on quality of English in tertiary institutions

19-page essay by lecturers from human sciences dept of UPSI 

grammar, spelling errors, even name of writer wrongly spelt as 'Ohtman'

Ohtman, a PAS member, defended party’s conservative leaders
“Political Islam in Islamism and Post-Islamism: A Study on Islamic Renaissance Front”

other two writers Zuraini Jamil, Siti Noranizahafizah Boyman

paper claims IRF calling for “post-Islamism” with “liberalist” and “secularist” values
words frequently repeated by Muslim bureaucrats in Malaysia against critics

“IRF was intentionally to mislead secularism and liberalism in post-Islamism by making a paradigm shift to develop understanding secularism and liberalism. Therefore, IRF activities in promoting liberalism, secularism and West values are well known by religious authorities such as JAKIM,” runs a concluding line in the paper. FMT has not edited the sentence.

(OSTB - The sentence structure, grammar, syntax atc are too stupid to be understood at all. It is simply wrong, wrong, wrong.  

And what is the intellectual value of this statement :   are well known by religious authorities such as JAKIM 

Err so what?  Who is JAKIM?  It is just  a 'jabatan kerajaan'. That is all. 

Now the debate is that JAKIM is unconstitutional. 
Legal experts say that JAKIM has no legal standing - by the Federal Constitution. )

Farouk  questioned paper’s academic quality, credibility of journal which published it

“ ..paper replete with grammatical errors, poor syntax, ..phrases” he told FMT

Farouk  ..said he would make official complaint to university’s mgmnt

(OSTB : Bro, dont waste your time. Its a kangkung outfit most likely run by kangkungs. You are wasting your time.) 

He also asked why the authors had not interviewed him for his views.   “Why can’t they interview me? I am still alive! And they received a research grant,” he added.

(OSTB : They wanted the money. Obviously they dont need to interview you. Kangkung remember.)

Some other lines from the paper sighted by FMT run as follows: “While the idea of post-Islamism is boosted several inquiries, Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) took advantage in gauging Islamism political thought with critics on Islamism principles and additionally recommends post-Islamism approach.”

OSTB :  "The inquiries also boosted the over the moon flying cow imaginary to liberalism of the liberalisation peoples at most times and maybe sometimes. Therefore we can gauging the gauging of the post Islamism approach. Recommended for post-mental-pausal inquiries boosting, on the malam Jumaat only. Assuming the precautioning. Maybe post tensioning also." 

I say brader you thought only you can talk rubbish kah?

Another extract from the research paper reads: “While the discussion about Islamism and post-Islamism is still in critical discussion amongst scholars, Muslims researchers such as Husnul Amin, Ihsan Yilmaz and Ahmad Farouk Musa has submitted a proposal for post-Islamism with more secular and more liberal.”

My comments :  I think the scholars are still in critical situation inside the islamism and post islamism in the post office and the circular discussion.

‘Fake journal’

Farouk questioned the journal which published the paper
Intnl Journal of Academic Research in Business, Social Sciences
it could be among hundreds of fake academic journals

list of “questionable scholarly publishers” compiled by Jeffrey Beall includes HRMars

“Avoid submitting your manuscript to these publishers,” says a warning

Farouk pointed out several factual errors in the paper critising him
  • disgrace to UPSI to have academic of this standard
  • received research grant 
  • produced abysmal research paper,” he said.

Brother Farouk, they do not feel any disgrace at all. 
These are a people who have little "disgrace" - especially in the academic field.
Or any other field.
In religion and politics they do not seem to have moral values. Period. 

So what did the retards do? 
They rebutted this news report of course. 
Here is the second news report:

senior lecturer from UPSI defended research paper

Othman of UPSI said sent paper to language centre to check language

(I say, siapa geng wal retard yang kerja di language center tu brader? Lain kali hantar saja paper hang kepada 'old paper recycling center'? Ok? Lebih selamat.)

Othman, PAS member, wrote paper with 2 other senior lecturers Zuraini, Siti Boyman

Farouk questioned paper’s academic quality
credibility of journal which published it

He warned that it could be among hundreds of fake academic journals

Othman denied it was  fake academic journal.

HMRIS is not fake journal. I know its publisher, he said

(I think what Farouk is also implying is that you are all "off center"  brader.)

Othman said methodology checked by UPSI's RMIC

Othman said research shown to Jais, Jakim 

Othman concluded by saying: “I defend the research and the journal.”

Since when JAIS and JAKIM can speak the London.

In the Malay language there is something called bodoh sombong. Somehow this terminology is unique to the Malay language.  It simply means that you are bodoh but you do not know it. Worse you are bodoh but you insist that you are too clever. 

Kalau macam ini susah sikit nak ubat brader. Tapi its ok - duit grant sudah masyuuuuk.

Wa akhirul kalam : Maybe the following can become a promotional video for UPSI.


MH17 Murderer Commits Suicide - Could Not Withstand Mental Torture. What About The Malaysian Gomen? Village Idiot Silence?


Finally there is some closure to the shooting down of MH17. 

FOUR years after the event the Ukrainian pilot who  shot down MH17, killing 298 pasengers  decided to shoot himself dead.  He has committed suicide. 

The Ukrainian pilot has had a very troubled life since he followed orders to kill 298 human beings on board MH17.   

He had suffered serious depression and resigned from the Ukraine airforce. 

He was only 29 years old when he shot himself dead.  Here is the BBC news :

Ukrainian pilot blamed by Russia over downing MH17 killed himself

airliner shot down on 17 July 2014 over eastern Ukraine
> 2/3  passengers Dutch, flying from Amsterdam to KL

  • Voloshyn shot himself at home in Mykolaiv, near Black Sea
  • Family members said Voloshyn depressed
  • They were in flat when he shot himself Sunday 
  • his wife heard the shot
  • Recently resigned from Ukraine air force
police described Voloshyn's death as "suicide"
military service pistol found at scene

Russian officials alleged Voloshyn shot down MH17
Ukrainian Buk missile - no longer in service in Russia - downed MH17

My comments :  The Russians have always denied any involvement in the shooting down of MH17. 

They have always held that the Ukrainian rebels shot down MH17 using an older BUK missile that was no more in service with the Russian armed forces.

After  MH17 went down killing 298 people, I followed the statements from the Russians and the Ukrainians. The Russians were very forthcoming, held an open Press Conference where they divulged raw data from their radars. The Russians also pointed out the exact flight path of Capt Vladyslav Voloshyn's jet fighter.

They asked for the Ukrainian side to release their raw data too which the Ukraine never did.  

The Russians have long ago identified not only the flight path of Captain Vladyslav's fighter jet but they had also identified Vladyslav as the Ukrainian pilot who shot down down MH17.  This suicide by the same pilot now lends too much credence to the Russian findings.

Since the murderous pilot has now committed suicide the question for our Malaysian Government now is to investigate AND satisfy ourselves HOW and WHY the Russians were able to identify Captain Vladyslav Voloshyn as the fighter pilot who shot down Mh17 ?  How did they know so accurately and so quickly?

I recall talking to a Minister over this affair. They had decided very early on to follow the American and Western lead on this massacre from Day 1 - blame the Russians.

The Government owes the Malaysian public some explanation about this latest development related to this MH17 shooting down. 298 people lost their lives.  

Captain Vladyslav Voloshin's suicide was not planned yesterday. 
He has been suffering mental torture since 14th July 2014.